As in most work places, human resources covers an array of roles including general administration and logistics; industrial relationships; recruitment and training; payroll; statutory approvals, renewals; compliance & corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a part of our regular Corporate Social Responsibility activities, we include welfare centers; safe and hygienic employee working  environment; training and development programs; health care and sanitation aid and training;secured transportation facilities; environmental awareness and cleanliness.We are committed to CSR programs with our clients, such as HER and P.A.C.E.


HER was a program initiated by Ann Inc. and emphasizes the importance of women’s health and finances.


This program teaches women in factories, the importance of general and reproductive health. This is in order to challenge harmful taboos. The project was launched in Ambattur Clothing India in the year 2012. The practice is still followed and greatly appreciated by the workers. There are over 1500 trained employees in India and 4500 in Bangladesh.


This project was launched in 2016 to empower low-income women working in global supply chains through workplace programs promoting economic empowerment, and women’s rights to have proper knowledge, skills and attitudes towards financial services and can help them save, build credit worthiness, invest in economic opportunities, and reduce risks related to illness or loss of employment.


Advancing women to advance the world

In 2007, Gap Inc. launched the P..A.C.E (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) program, aimed at training female garment workers in technical and social skills so they can advance in work and personal life.

From GAP INC’s research 80% of garment factory workers are women, therefore with an emphasis on women, the impact of the program is tremendous. P.A.C.E works with global partners allowing them to increase their local presence in nations where GAP manufactures its products.

Our pledge for 2020 is to train over 1250 women in India,1500 in Bangladesh and 600 in Jordan.